The Message Center (Overview)

The Message Center (Overview)

The Message Center (Overview)

In MySciLife, messages between students and teachers or from the MySciLife system are PRIVATE—no one else can see these messages. This includes teacher feedback on posts.

To access the Message Center, hover over My Stuff (marked by the backpack icon) and click Messages. From the Message Center, you can send and read messages you have received from others and notifications from MySciLife. 

Messages can only be sent between the following recipients:

  1. Teacher and student.
  2. Teacher and teacher.
  3. Parent and teacher.
  4. MySciLife system and a student, teacher, or parent. 

IMPORTANT: Students cannot message one another on MySciLife. 

Messages are color coded based on who sent them. Messages from people (including feedback requests) have a DARK BLUE outline around them. Automated messages from the MySciLife system have a GREEN outline around them.

Users can interact with messages two ways: Reply or Delete. Some messages, like ones sent directly by the MySciLife system, do not have a reply button. 

Users can click Reply directly from the Message Center without navigating into the message view.

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