The Main Stream Overview

The Main Stream Overview

The Main Stream Overview

The Main Stream is the only fully public Community on MySciLife. All MySciLife users are members of the Main Stream. 

The Main Stream functions as a news feed for what’s happening in the MySciLife Community. When you log in, the first thing you’ll see is the Main Stream with a blank post box at the top, inviting you to Write a post.  Below that, you will see the most recent posts and activity from all the identities in MySciLife. Think of the Main Stream as the real world of science: it’s the place where interaction happens. Just as forces, matter and living things interact on Earth and in our Universe, you want your identity to share and interact with others in the Main Stream! Whether the posts are promoted to the Main Stream by a teacher or posted directly by a student, the Main Stream is your opportunity to LIVE (and learn) science. 

Posts in the Main Stream function like posts everywhere else on MySciLife. To load more posts into the Main Stream, simply scroll to the bottom and more posts will load automatically. Read more about these features in the Posts article. 

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