Posts (Overview)

Posts (Overview)

Posts (Overview)

Posts are the way users write, interact, and share content on MySciLife. When you select Posts from the My Stuff (indicated by the backpack icon) drop-down menu at the top of MySciLife, you will see all of your posts to your Communities and to the Main Stream. 

Tip: Before you make a post, make sure you are posting using the correct identity by checking the Identity Menu to ensure the right identity is selected! The identity menu defaults to the identity you edited most recently.

Posts can be edited at any time by the original poster or the teacher who has moderation power over it. Student-made edits must be moderated and approved before a post will reflect the changes, and all posts to the Main Stream must be moderated before they go live. 

For more information on Community and student moderation controls, see the Understanding & Adjusting Moderation Settings article.

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