Navigating MySciLife

Navigating MySciLife

Navigating MySciLife

The Menu Bar

The MySciLife main navigational menu resides at the top of the screen and will remain “pinned” to the top of the page as you scroll. The Menu Bar contains the following selectable options (from left to right):

Community Menu (MySciLife “MSL” logo icon): A drop-down, selectable list of all communities of which you’re a member. The Main Stream will always be listed at the top. Select any Community from the drop-down menu to navigate to that Community. To join a new Community, select +Join Community at the bottom of the menu to be prompted to enter an access code to join a new Community.

Identity Menu (avatar of current identity icon): A drop-down, selectable list of all of the identities you’ve created. The avatar of the identity you have currently selected will have a green check mark next to it. Identities with a yellow circle next to them have changes that are pending (awaiting approval). To switch between identities quickly, hover over the Identity Menu icon and click on the identity you want to use. Click Manage Identities at the bottom of the drop-down menu to navigate to My Identities, a page where you can view, edit, or delete any of your existing identities or create new ones.

My Stuff (Backpack icon): Hover over (or click on mobile) the icon to see a list of everything that belongs to you in MySciLife, including all of your personal content, listed by category: 

  • Messages: Click to navigate to Messages.
  • Drafts: Click to navigate to your Drafts.
  • Posts: Click to navigate to a page that shows all of your posts in reverse chronological order (from most to least recent). 
  • Bookmarks: Click to navigate to a page that shows all of the posts that you have bookmarked in MySciLife.
  • My Account: Click to navigate to your Account Profile.
  • My Archives: This option will appear if you are a part of communities from any school year that have been archived. Click My Archives to see a list of archives you can view or restore. All archives are read-only and you will only be able to restore archives you created. Archives created by the MySciLife Administrator can only be viewed by teachers and students. If you are viewing an archive from a previous platform version of MySciLife (or, in some cases, from a previous school year) you may see a small red banner reminding you that you’re viewing an archive. Click on the banner at any time to return to the current, active platform version of MySciLife.

TIP: MySciLife archives from a previous years are a handy way to access old identities you may wish to use again during the new school year using copy/paste. It is also useful for sharing examples with a class.

Search (Magnifying Glass icon): Click the magnifying glass icon to access the platform-wide search feature. Type a search term in the field provided and click GO (or press Enter) to find posts, identities, library items, and announcements that match the search terms.

Logout (Door/arrow icon): Click this button to log out.

The Library Slider

The Library Menu is a slider tab that “sticks” to the right side of the screen when not in use. When clicked, the tab slides open to display all of the MySciLife content libraries to which you have access. Click a library name to access its contents. 

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