My Account

My Account

The My Account screen contains all of the personal information associated with your account including your name, email address, password and notification preferences.

To access the My Account screen, hover over the My Stuff (backpack) menu icon at the top of the screen and click My Account.

My Personal Information

At the top of the screen your personal information that is associated with your account is displayed. This information is PRIVATE and no one except for you can see this information.

  • Members Since: This area displays the date on which you signed up for MySciLife.
  • First Name & Last Name: Your real name is displayed here.
  • Email: Your email address is displayed here.
  • Birthday: Your birthday is displayed here.
  • Login Name: Your login name is displayed here.
  • Reset Password: Click RESET PASSWORD to change your password.
  • Email Notifications: Shows the status of your email notifications. When set to YES, you will receive notifications via email. When set to NO, you will not receive email notifications.

Click EDIT to edit your personal information.

My Identities

Beneath the Personal Information section is My Identities section. This section functions similarly to the My Identities page. Here you can view, edit, or delete any of your existing identities.

From the My Identities section of the My Account page, the you can:

  • View an identity profiles: Click the identity avatar or the eye icon beneath the desired identity to view its identity profile.
  • Edit an identity: Click the pencil and paper icon beneath the identity to edit its profile information.
  • Delete an identity: Click the trashcan icon beneath the desired identity to delete it. You will be asked to confirm the identity‚Äôs deletion. WARNING: once confirmed, this cannot be undone. 

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