Libraries (Overview)

Libraries (Overview)

Libraries (Overview)

Libraries are places where you can store and access helpful links or find and download useful files. Some of these libraries are accessible to all users and are created and maintained by MySciLife, but libraries are also places where teachers can post content to share with their Communities. Libraries are organized using folders containing Library items. A library item can be almost anything, from a link to an external website to a document or media file. Libraries can contain items of any file type, including those not supported in regular posts. Teachers can create library folders, post library items, edit items, and share them to another library (such as a library for a Community they control). See the details below for an explanation of who curates each library. 

Clicking the Library slider tab on the right side of the screen will open a window that shows all of the libraries to which you have access. Students will see the MySciLife Resource Library, as well as a library for each of their communities. Students can only open folders, view descriptions of items, and open or download the items—they cannot add new items to the library.

Teachers will have at least five different libraries: 

  • The MySciLife Resources Library (curated by MySciLife administrators; permits teacher additions with administrative approval).
  • The Teacher Community Library (curated by MySciLife administrators; permits teacher additions with administrative approval).
  • A library for each Community of which they are a member (curated by the teacher)
  • The Personal Library (curated by the teacher). **Tip: This is where teachers should upload ALL library items they wish to add to MySciLife, and then SHARE to other libraries!

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