Identities (Overview)

Identities (Overview)

Identities (Overview)

In MySciLife, you play the role of a science concept or object—like the nucleus of a cell, a weather front, a tectonic plate, or even a force like gravity. Think of your identities like wearing a costume—when you post, you’re writing as the identity you created for that MySciLife module, not as yourself!   

You need to learn a lot about the concept behind each identity you create so you can play that role accurately and post from a cell part or planet’s point of view. Usually, you’ll create a new identity for each module (or unit) you’re studying, but you can also go back and add posts and comments as one of your previous identities throughout the school year! There is no limit on the number of identities you can have, so you’re welcome to create as many identities as you’d like. 

Only teachers in your Community will be able to see your (or other students’) real name. You are your MySciLife identity to everyone you “meet” in MyScLife!

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