Editing A Draft Post [Training Mode]

Editing A Draft Post [Training Mode]

To edit a draft post, go to Drafts, click Edit on the draft post you want to edit, and make your desired changes. If the post is ready, click Post. When you post a draft or submit an item for teacher approval, it will disappear from Drafts, and you will not be able to see it or change it until your teacher responds.

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    • Deleting a Draft Post [Training Mode]

      To delete a draft post, go to Drafts, click Delete on the draft post you want to delete. You will be asked to double confirm that you wish to delete the draft. Click Yes to confirm deletion of the draft.
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      Save As Draft: Click Save as draft at any time to save the post you’re working on to Drafts. You can complete post drafts at any time by clicking My Stuff and selecting Drafts.  The other elements of the post box are described below: Write A ...
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