Deleting Messages

Deleting Messages

Deleting Messages

To delete a message, click the “Delete” button in the Message Center listing or inside any individual message. There is no way to retrieve deleted messages.

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      ​ Deleting Identities You can delete an identity by clicking the trashcan icon beneath the identity you wish to delete on either the Identity Menu or the Manage Identities page. Deleted identities become inactive, but all of their contributions ...
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      Reading Messages The Message Center displays the subject line and the first few words of each message. To read the full message, click on the subject line. To reply, open a message and click Reply. 
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      ​ Sending Messages To compose and send a message, click Create new message at the top of the Message Center page to bring up a new message window. Begin typing in the To field and the system will offer auto-complete suggestions of your ...