Creating a New Parent Account

Creating a New Parent Account

Creating a New Parent Account

Creating a Parent account allows you to provide consent for your child to participate in MySciLife, control your child’s privacy settings, view limited account data for your student(s), and contact a child’s teacher. When your child creates an account, they will be asked to provide a parent’s email address that can be used to provide parental consent as required by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). You will receive an email containing a one-time-use link to a form to create a Parent account. The signup process includes the following prompts: 

What Is Your Name?: Enter your first and last name. 

When Is Your Birthdate? Use the dropdown menus for day, month, and year to enter your birthday.

Login Email: This field will auto-populate with the email address your child entered. You can either leave this field as-is or enter an alternate email address. Email addresses can be edited at any time. 

Create A Password: Enter and confirm a password to protect your account. Passwords must contain at least one uppercase letter and one number and are case sensitive.

Legal Stuff: Before you finish signing up, check the box to agree with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. We recommend you read both, as they contain important information about how your child’s information is protected. 

Captcha: Complete the captcha so we know you aren’t a bot.

Now click the Finish button and you’ll be ready to go!  If you completed everything correctly, you will see a message confirming a successful parent registration. If there were errors in your signup information, you’ll be prompted to go back and fill any blank fields. After fixing the errors, click the finish button.

Once complete, your Parent account will be linked to your child’s Student account. If you have multiple children using MySciLife, you can use the same Parent account to provide consent for multiple students. 

MySciLife has made receiving Verifiable Parental Consent (VPC) for students under 13 to participate in the platform easy. A new, automated system has been created, including new parent accounts and a new parent portal. 

Logging In as a Parent 

You can log in using your Parent account by clicking Sign in on and entering the email address you used to create the account and your password. Once you’ve provided the proper credentials, you’ll be taken to the Parent Portal to manage consent and privacy settings for your child.

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