Announcements (Overview)

Announcements (Overview)

Announcements (Overview)

The top of every Community, including the Teacher Community, has a space for announcements. Teachers can post announcements about any topic that the whole class should be aware of, including assignments or topics for discussion. MySciLife administrators and lead teachers can post announcements in the Teacher Community. Announcements are the best place to share a prompt for students to use their MySciLife identities to write a post. 

You can also use announcements to share links or attachments. Paste a URL into the post box on the announcement screen, and the platform will generate a link summary and preview of the content. If you’re posting a YouTube video, it will also display a YouTube summary. You can also click Attach to share a file.

MySciLife lists announcements in reverse chronological order, which means that the newest announcement is always the first one displayed. Each Community will display its own announcements.  

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