Adjusting Teacher Privileges

Adjusting Teacher Privileges

Adjusting Teacher Privileges

By default, the teacher that created a Community is the only teacher that can moderate posts and comments, approve new members to the Community, and edit Community preferences. If subsequent teachers join your Community, they will be able to make posts and comments without moderation but will not be able moderate student activity in the Community until you grant them Teacher Privileges

You must approve the other teacher(s) request to join your Community in your Activity Feed. Teachers join your Community by hovering over the Community Menu icon, clicking +Join a Community, and entering the Community access code. 

You can allow teachers who join your Community to moderate content and approve new members by granting them teacher privileges in Manage Communities. All members with teacher privileges in a Community can see all activity and interact within that Community, much as the students do. 

To grant full teacher privileges to another teacher, click Grant teacher privileges next to the teacher you’d like to give permissions. Revoke it by clicking Revoke teacher privileges

Co-teachers essentially share the same activity feed activity items for the Community in which they both have teacher privileges. If you have a co-teacher with teacher privileges in your Community, the action EITHER teacher takes in the Activity Feed for that Community will mirror across all other co-teachers’ Activity Feeds. For example, if Teacher 1 approves a Community post, it will show as approved in Teacher 2’s Activity Feed. If Teacher 1 marks an item as “read,” it will show as read for Teacher 2 (even if teacher 2 never looked at it). If Teacher 1 disapproves a student post (and the post is returned to the student’s Drafts), the post will disappear from both teachers’ Activity Feeds until it is resubmitted by the student.

Tip: Provide Community access to your Learning Support Teacher, ESL/ELL teacher, Gifted teacher, or other specialists who work with students in your class. You can decide together who should moderate these students’ posts, but teaming up with other specialists will support students’ individual needs.

Remember: Be sure to click Save changes so your changes to take effect!

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