Adding Items to Libraries

Adding Items to Libraries

Adding Items to Libraries

To add library items to a folder in your library, click the Library tab, select the name of the library to which you want to add content, and click Add library item button at the top of the folder contents. This button opens a box (similar to the post box) that allows you to create a library item (write a post) and/or attach a file. Library items can include file types not supported in regular posts and can be changed or updated at any time by clicking Options on the item listing and selecting Edit. Library items have a 500mb limit like other posts.

All libraries (and all library items) in MySciLife have a special, interconnected relationship. Libraries are designed to make sharing (and updating) content easy. They are interconnected, almost as if there were a tunnel between each library allowing the easy flow and exchange of information. This relationship is especially important when it comes to updating files and library item information. If a teacher notices a mistake in a library item they have shared, or if the actual file needs to be changed, all they have to do is edit the original library item and upload an updated file. Once the file has been changed, that change will be shared everywhere else on MySciLife where the teacher has shared the file. The only place the file will not be updated is in archived communities.

For more information, see Community Libraries or see the Manage Communities article. 

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